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Ul 1 hour shaft wall assembly

ul 1 hour shaft wall assembly The longer leg (available in 2-1/4" and 3") is installed against the shaft. less than floor to ceiling heights. 1 hour fire rated ceiling assembly sound transmission u l listing for one hour wall stucco and 5 8 type x gyp general q a chieftalk forum specifying 1 hour fire rated walls engineered wood blog fire resistant design and detailing firewalls barriers partitions. • JH/FCS 60-02. 2 Layers of 5/8" thick Gypsum Board (UL Type ULIX ™) Resilient Channel. e. An additional difference between the two assemblies is that P522 allows insulation in the cavity and RC2601 does not. How can I achieve a higher STC shaft assembly? Insulate the wall, use resilient channels or sound isolation clips, and/or install Gold Bond® BRAND SoundBreak® XP® as one of the face layers. Shorter legs 1 in. t 57 t 29 t 10 fire rated concrete masonry wall assemblies . W408 (2-HOUR WALL; FIRE-RATED FOR 2 HOURS INSIDE, 1 HOUR OUTSIDE) • Reduces dead load and wall thickness versus common alternatives • Reduces labor costs and construction time* • Fiberglass insulation can be used when standard brick is exterior facing • Provides better substrate for securely UL Floor and Load Bearing Wall Designs using cold-formed steel joists and studs can be used for Canadian application without a Load Restriction, i. For WHI GP/WA 120-01 finished 2 hour one side, install the base layer of 1/2” (12. These materials, combined with wood or steel studs, appropriately Fire Rated Assemblies Two-Family Dwellings Dwelling units in two-family dwellings must be separated from each other by wall and floor assemblies having a minimum 1- hour fire resistance rating. The SFRM thickness applied to the exposed steel beam will be compared to the UL tested S721 beam assembly. shaped steel studs, 1-1/4 in. LP ® FlameBlock ® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is a component of the following code-compliant fire-rated assemblies. To confirm the current status of any UL Guide, please contact UL. inke materials corp. Vincent E. UL Guides are updated as necessary due to new product developments, changes in the codes or the need for clarification. Smooth Firestop-Drywall 1 & 2 Hr UL W-L-3231 Leakage ratings for our Systems: UL W-L-3122d ; W-L-2197 (innerduc or plastic pipe) * These systems are limited to 2 hour rated horizontal installations. Wall board assemblies consist of wood, steel or concrete block framing, insulation and gypsum wall board. 2 1 3 4 2 . and Guidelines such as:16 TJI ® Joist Descriptions 16 Fasteners 16 Allowable Holes Spacing between houses17 TJI ® Joist Sprinkler Details CPVC 18 Steel of successfully tested lumber wall assemblies are pro-vided in Table 1 for one-hour fire-resistance-rated wall assemblies and Table 2 for two-hour fire-resistance-rated wall assemblies. Fire Rating 2 Hours. deep (min 4 in. Holding the gypsum board firmly against least 1” apart, 1 layer of 15/32 LP FlameBlock sheathing & 1 layer of 5/8 Type X gypsum with mineral wool insulation in both stud cavities and Pyrotite facing wall studs (See assembly for details) LP Certification/Listing: Underwriters Labs U350 Application: 2-hour rated exterior wall – Type IIIA Construction Description: Q: Can you explain the concept behind the wall assemblies described by UL Fire Resistance Wall Design Nos. Shaft Wall Assembly – The 2 hr fire rated shaft wall assembly shall be constructed of the materials and in the manner described FIRE-RATED WOOD-FRAME WALL AND FLOOR/CEILING ASSEMBLIES 5 WS4-1. STC 65. Only products which bear UL's Mark are considered as Classified, Listed, or Recognized. to unlimited max. Fire Resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 See General Information for Fire Resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 Design No. Table 2 provides analysis to the assembly #2 located at the amenity deck of the building. Even if included in the tested wall assembly, the wood walls are usually assumed not to be providing part of the wall’s fire-resistance rating. D798 Unres NWC All. 23 SW 101 1 Hour Shaftwall Partition 1 Hour Shaftwall Partition to Steel Beam 1 Hour Shaftwall Partition Offset from Beam SW 102 SW 103 U499, W419 U499, W419 U499, W419 U499, W419 U499, W419 SW 104 SW 105 1 Hour Shaftwall with Deflection Track 1 Hour Shaftwall with Deflection Track 37 Firestop Sealant designs and UL 1 hour V473. J-Track Properties J-Track for Shaft Wall Construction 1-800-275-2279 Web Flange Stiffener Design Radius A B C T R May Vax Ιye Sye Ae in in in in in kip-in kips in4 in3 in2 EXTERIOR LOAD-BEARING WALL – UL DESIGN NO. indd 3 99/13/07 1:33:52 PM/13/07 1:33:52 PM The electrical boxes covered in this category are required to be marked with the UL in a circle located in the base of the box, Class X hr, where X indicates the maximum hourly rating (i. How about the top of an elevator shaft wall? Answer: Generally, there are two types of 1-hour wood truss assemblies: the first is one layer GWB with metal furring strips or resilient channel, and the second is two layers GWB board. deep by min 2-1/2 in. OC. The corridor ceiling or stair soffit horizontal assembly is constructed from the floor. 1" thick Gypsum Liner Panel (UL Type SLX) Steel Studs. U425. V314. Assembly Rating — 1 HR Nonbearing Wall * Indicates such products shall bear the UL or cUL Certification Mark for jurisdictions employing the UL or cUL Certification (such as Canada), respectively. STC 67. 7 mm) ToughRock® Fireguard C® gypsum board or 1/2” (12. MSG when Item 2D, 4A, 4B or 7 is used) galv steel, min 2-1/2 in. Click the link above, each design number below represents a James Hardie 1 hour Fire Resistive Wall Assembly. Studs cut 1 in. Single Sided UL Assembly for 2-1/2” GWB Shaft wall. • JH/FCS 60-01. , double top plates, single bottom plate . Only products which bear UL's Mark are considered Certified. Center-Wall 8–11 End-Wall 12–13 1-Hour Wall Assembly with . UL/cUL I515 provides utilizes C-T studs, GlasRoc ® or M2Tech ® Shaftliner and two layers of 5/8” CertainTeed Type X, 5/8” CertainTeed M2Tech ® Type X, or 5/8” CertainTeed Type C for a one-hour rating. USG provides resources here for our UL wall assemblies for seamless integration into any construction project. We need a UL detail for a 1-sided application as we do not have access to the interior side of the shaft assembly. ICC-ES NER-405 Fire-Resistance Rated Wall Assemblies NER Report NER-405 Floor Ceiling Assemblies Wood Framing Design National Gypsum Company Party Walls 1 Hour Ul L501 Ga File Fc 5420 Stc 37 Iic Pdf Doent. Shaftliner XP panels are designed to be used to construct lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls (1-4 hr. ul. U356. ), are spaced horizontal 16”o/c and attached to perimeter channels, with three layers of 5/8” FireBloc Type X wallboard applied perpendicular to the underside of the studs. The UL Certification Mark on fire resistant products, systems and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to provide confidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements. Photo 1 shows a one-hour-rated masonry wall with several types of penetrations. long and two legs 3/4 in. The minimum required degree of fire-resistance for fire barriers used to create a shaft enclosure is based primarily on the number of stories con-nected by the enclosure. 9 mm) ProRoc ®Type X with M2Techgypsum board vertically with 1" (25 mm) Type S screws. Why UL for fire resistance testing. 2-1/2" thick CH Studs, 20ga. STC Rating, As Shown Above: 38 1 Hour Corridor Assembly 4 4 2a 2a 1 1 4 3 2 Hour Corridor Assembly 4 4 2b 2b 1 1 2b Shaft Wall - AER-09038 SCALE: DATE: UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY This Shaft Wall Detail must not be used without a complete evaluation by the owner's design professional--to verify the suitability of the design for a given structure. At intersection of foundation or exterior wall and ASW, begin erecting by inserting first layer of 1" M-Glass TM Shaft Liner, 1” M-Bloc ® Shaft Liner or 1” traditional Shaft Liner panels into floor and wall track. Apply a single layer of 5/8" (15. ILLUSTRATION. The 1-hour or 2-hour rating can typically be accomplished solely with the shaftliner panels. CD/WA 120 -01 . Shaft Wall. and 2 in. Code Clarification Membrane S In A Horizontal Assembly Red Consultants. Lumber shall be identified by the grade mark of a lumber grading or inspection agency that has been approved by an accreditation body that Typical Wall Assembly Details Cementitious Fire Proofing 1. title: Rating: 1 hour non-bearing (U 499) Shaft wall: Single layer 1" Type FSW gypsum board on one side, single layer 5/ 8” Type FSW gypsum board on other side 21/ 2” steel II studs on 24" centers 11/ 2” Certainteed Partition insulation NOTE: Drawings for illustration purposes only. • LP wall assembly for this application requires 2 – 2x4 wood studs at least 1” apart, 1 layer of 15/32 LP® FlameBlock® sheathing & 1 layer of 5/8 Type X gypsum with mineral wool insulation in both stud cavi-ties and Pyrotite® facing the living space (See assembly for details) LP Certification/Listing: Underwriters Labs U350 U366 (1-3/8” flange) 2 hour 3 Hour Design Assemblies: UL Design No. SW Series - Shaftwall Assemblies 09 21 16. In some cases, the floor-to-wall intersection detailing necessary for plan approval may affect the type of wall assembly chosen. 1-Hour-Rated System: Finished One Side 1. 3 One-Hour Fire-Resistive Wood Wall Assembly 2x4 Wood Stud Wall - 78% Design Load - ASTM E 119 / NFPA 251 1. Type X gypsum wallboard, 4 ft. 1 Hour Fire Rated Floor Ceiling Assembly Shefalitayal. Maximum spans are as shown in Table 2. Framing - Nominal 2x4 wood studs, spaced 16 in. Their tested flame-spread and smoke-developed surface burning characteristics are also extremely low. ), stairwells, and area separation fire walls in multifamily housing. OC max. Warnock Hersey Product Listings. 2. (64 mm) thick reinforced concrete, as measured from the top plane of the floor units. 1/2" 25ga. Insulation. Rating on the shaft_wall. The leg provides a backstop for easy installation of the liner Shaft enclosures must have 90-minute doors for a 2-hour wall, and 60-minute doors for a 1-hour wall. Gold Bond® Shaftliners offer an efficient installation from the ground that avoids the need to enter the shaft. Concrete – Min 2-1/2 in. These 1”-thick, noncombustible Type X panels are UL-classified for use in vertical wall assemblies designed to provide fire-rated values of 1, 2, 3 and even 4 hours. Two Hour Horizontal Shaft Wall Assembly Instructions – See Figures 1 - 2 to the right. Building System Chase Walls. deep when System C is used), with one leg 1 in. UL D798. , a “Load Restricted Factor” equal to 1. Installation is quick and easy, using components head of wall ul hw-d-0609 (1 and 2 hour) 5 fire resistant assemblies head of shaft wall details usg j2131 rev 0 issued 10/16/2015. 75” Mesh Angle ICBO ER-5344~ 1 and 2-Hour Designs ~ UL-2079 Test Standard Compliant System 1 - 6 CertainTeed is also the first manufacturer with full scale tested, one and two-hour horizontal shaftwall systems. 4 mm) Type S or S-12 screws spaced 24” (610 mm) o. Insert second layer, back-to-back with first panel, and seat into floor and wall track. Horizontal ceiling applications are not designed for any live load, mechanical equipment, or for any storage load. , fabricated from 24 MSG designs and UL 1 hour V473. 018 in. U499 April 26, 2010 Nonbearing Wall Rating — 1 Hr. , fabricated from No. , fabricated from 24 MSG Wall Assemblies. designs and UL 1 hour V473. title: EXAMPLES OF TWO HOUR FIRE RATED BEARING WALL ASSEMBLIES WITH LESS THAN 5 FEET FIRE SEPARATION DISTANCE For illustration purposes, three UL assemblies are shown: U301, U302, and U371. 3 of the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), and as a fire wall when required by Section 706 of the 2018 International Assembly Details. Min. U355. SSA926S_08. We currently have a condition on site with sheet metal duct exiting a 2-1/2” GWB shaft-wall assembly. ASTM & Code Standards • ASTM A653/653M – Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by the CertainTeed is also the first manufacturer with full scale tested, one and two-hour horizontal shaftwall systems. Cut to lengths 3/8 to 1/2 in. Here are a few UL 2-hour rated designs that achieve an STC of 50 or higher: U497, STC 52 (Sound Test: NGC2017007), U498, STC 53 (Sound Test: NGC2015036). 1 hour fire rated ceiling assembly sound transmission the 3 categories of fire resistant assemblies and what you should know about each code clarification membrane s in a horizontal assembly red consultants 2017 ibc inspection of fire resistance rated floors 713. 1-Hour Exterior Wall Assembly - UL Design No. CLARKDIETRICH BUILDING SYSTEMS — CD ProSTUD DMFCWBS L L C — ProSTUD MBA BUILDING SUPPLIES — ProSTUD RAM SALES L L C — Ram ProSTUD 713. . ) (2) Layers of 1” thick gypsum board liner panels fit into H-Studs w/ (1) layer of 5/8” thick gypsum board on each side of wall assembly. ul 1 hour shaft wall assembly